Best Sites for Finding Gaming Equipment

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Gaming is a great hobby. You get to immerse yourself in another world that has been designed specifically to get your senses tingling. You get to live outside of your life for a few hours every day, from being a highly skilled covert spy in enemy territory to an elite racer building his street cred. However you look at it, it’s a great hobby! And yet, it can also be an expensive hobby. Game releases costing north of $50 are not unheard of. It gets even worse if you factor in the subscription fees, gear and accessories, and the very consoles and PCs on which all that fun is made possible.
As expensive as gaming can get, however, all is not lost. If you’re a thrifty gamer you’ll be glad to know that it’s possible to get great deals on games and gaming gear, and we’re not even talking about garage sales here. We’re talking about the good old internet. We went and checked out every gaming site we could find and ended up compiling a list of the 2 best sites to get gaming gear from. Enjoy!


FatWallet is a bit of a misnomer for this fantastic site; it definitely wasn’t made for people with fat wallets, rather the very opposite. They have a best deals page that contains all the best deals existing in a huge variety of places on the World Wide Web. That said, they aren’t specific to gaming. If you want the deals exclusive to gaming, simply go their Video Games category and that’s where you’ll find every deal you have ever dreamed of.

FatWallet update their deals frequently and pass every post through a tremendous amount of scrutiny to ensure that there aren’t any fake deals or potentially unsafe links being posted on the site. They also have little snippets under each deal titled “Why we like it” that explain the exact reasons why the deal is a great one. If it’s a good deal, you can be sure it will eventually end up on FatWallet.

Gear for Gaming

This is basically Nirvana for PC gamers! Gear for Gaming is a general purpose site where you can find posts and reviews about everything gaming-related from the best mouse for gaming to reviews of gaming chairs, monitors, motherboards, and even gaming routers! The site has a very easy to navigate layout that allows you move around well-ordered sections and find the information you’re looking for pretty quickly.

Not only will you get the best deals on Gear for Gaming, you will also find exciting and informative articles about which gear works best for different types of games and even how to set up gaming equipment when you’re starting out. It’s really an all-under-one-roof type of place for gamers!


These two sites are our two favorite ones out there and they pretty much cover everything a gamer is likely to need when looking for both games and gaming equipment. There are others, of course, but I doubt there’s anything you’re likely to need that you won’t find at either FatWallet of Gear for Gaming. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do. Keep playing!